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Alexander Wang: A/W14 Campaign

The Alexander Wang girl has been arrested. Her crime? Being too stylish. We’ve all been there. Well, Dominic our fashion intern probably has. In the Alex Wang girl’s case it’s unfair but, at the end of the day, understandable. She makes women jealous. Seethingly so. To the point that they become bitter and twisted. She causes both heterosexually and homosexually oriented men to stare at her. Profusely. (Though perhaps for different reasons.) They stare so hard that they walk into lampposts, crash their cars and pour their drinks down their fronts. As I say, it’s understandable that a girl who causes such social unrest should be removed from public society. Hence why she’s locked up like this. But prison conditions haven’t dampened her spirit, or her sense of style for that matter. Just look at her. In the words of George Michael, “Flawless, absolutely flawless.”

Photographer: Steven Klein

Creative Director: Pascal Dangin, KiDs Creative

Stylist: Karl Templer

Model: Anna Ewers, Vanessa Moody, Kaitlin Aas, Lexi Boling, Kat Hessen

Hair: Anthony Turner

Make-up: Diane Kendal

By Ted Stansfield

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